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eHealth Nigeria implements mHealth solutions in Nigeria to allow health care workers to give better patient care and receive better data collection while they are working in the field. We focus on using mHealth tools are proven to be effective and have already been implemented in other countries. In this way, we ensure sustainability of mHealth projects and the continuous improvement and advancement of the softwares that we implement.

Data Collection

To enhance the ability to collect data in the field, we implement both Open Data Kit (ODK) Collect and RapidSMS.

ODK is a suite of tools to help organizations collect, aggregate and visualize their data. It is a powerful phone based replacement for your paper forms, built on the Android platform and can collect a variety of form data types: text, location, photos, video, audio, and barcodes. It has an easy-to-use interface which enables users to generate forms using a drag-and-drop form designer.

RapidSMS is a powerful tool deployed by UNICEF to conduct large scale data collection, using SMS, in a real-time manner.

Decision Support

In order to provide health care workers with patient information as well as decision support while in the field, we implement ODK Clinic or Sana Mobile.

ODK Clinic works directly with OpenMRS (our Electronic Medical Record System) to download patient data located at a health facility onto a mobile phone. This data can then be viewed while in the field so that health workers can have access to a patients medical history, allowing them to make better medical decisions.

Sana Mobile is a system that connects health care workers working in the field to medical professionals or specialists working at advanced facilities. The health care workers can upload pictures and comments regarding difficult medical cases and can receive feedback from a health care professional on diagnosis, treatment, and care. Sana Mobile also works directly with OpenMRS.