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eHealth Africa’s mission is to build stronger health systems through the design & implementation of data-driven solutions that respond to local needs and provide underserved communities with tools to lead healthier lives.

Why work with us?

Local Support

eHealth Africa is based out of Nigeria which gives us the ability to easily travel around the continent. Our local staff have practical insight into the health problems we face and create innovative yet realistic solutions.

Innovative Design

There is no one solution for all problems. Each problem needs to be analyzed extensively before developing a solution and many times those solutions need to be custom built. This gives us the ability to create innovative project designs which specifically address the needs of the problem while ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of the solution.

Successful Project History

eHealth Africa has successfully completed over 5 large scale health projects. Please check out our Projects Page for more detail on our projects.

Low-Power Data Center

eHealth and mHealth projects require safe and secure hosting locally. Our data center, located in Kano, Nigeria, utilizes AMD servers that can host and manage all eHealth and mHealth databases.

Our Partners

eHealth Africa has developed mutual partnerships with universities, government agencies, and other NGOs. They are vital to our success.